Thursday, May 30, 2013

A Straw in the Wind 

I have mentioned in previous postings my expectation that the large, prestigious teaching hospitals will experience some deflation of their reputation, once quality becomes quantified and people become aware of the data. 

As a volunteer activity, I drive for a local organization in the Boston South Shore suburbs that provides medical transport for seniors.   

Last week I took a woman to a local physician.  As we were leaving his office she commented on how competent the people there seemed to be and then out of the blue said that she was beginning to think that the big Boston hospitals might not be as good as people thought.  She said that she had been going into town to see a cardiologist but was seriously considering switching to someone more local and saving the hassle of the long trip. 

It is a sample of one, but it may be a straw in the wind.  I don’t think anybody was talking that way ten years ago.

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