Thursday, November 06, 2008

Reform is Nobody’s Business
Waste in health care was the subject of a 10/22/2008 Boston Globe Op-Ed piece by James Roosevelt, Jr., President and CEO of Tufts Health Plan, a major Boston HMO.

Roosevelt set out in grim detail the major factors contributing to that waste, which he claims accounts for about one-third of all health care.

At the beginning of his article he said that if such a situation were to occur in a major business, “Everyone from the company’s board members to its shareholders would be outraged.”

At the end, he assigned responsibility for doing something about it to “All of us – consumers, government, industry, and the health-care community….”

If anything significant is to be done soon to correct this situation, the assignment of responsibility for doing so will have to be more specific than that.

As the old adage has it, what’s everybody’s business is nobody’s business.

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