Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Somebody Do Something!!!

Last week we got a mailing from AARP soliciting donations in support of its campaign opposing an increase in Medicare premiums. We were also urged to contact our Senator, urging him to “find a better way to deal with the rising costs.” The suggestions offered were standardized and easily available health information, understandable medical bills, preventive care, and better options for long-term care.

Those are all good ideas, but nobody who thinks about it very long will be persuaded that they are enough to make a serious dent in the cost problem.

Then yesterday’s Boston Globe carried an article reporting that Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke had characterized the performance of the healthcare system as “one of the biggest challenges facing the country.”

However, according to the article, “Bernanke didn’t recommend specific solutions, saying the choices involved with improving access and quality and controlling costs were best left to policy makers in Congress, the White House, and elsewhere.”

I find it remarkable that so many people are sure something should be done, but nobody is willing to make a serious suggestion.

It is safe to assume, I think, that so long as that condition continues, the process of health care reform will continue to move at a snail’s pace.

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