Tuesday, June 05, 2007

More on Business vs. Ministry

Responding to the posting about whether health care is a business or a ministry, the below comes in from social worker and periodic responder Cindy Mugglie:

I can't remember the details, but a couple months ago I heard about a case where a group of doctors got together and started their own inpatient medical facility. It seemed that the public believed it was comparable to any hospital, but evidently it was not. A patient began having trouble breathing and as the situation became worse the staff realized they did not have the equipment needed to respond and finally had to call 911. I cannot imagine being in what you think is a hospital and having to call 911 to take you to another hospital. I must have seen this one on Court TV. The patient died and his wife is suing the doctors who owned the facility, I think it was in Texas. Anyway, whether a hospital is a business or a ministry, I want one where the people running things are trained and experienced at doing just that.

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