Thursday, May 31, 2007

David Drake’s Book

I complain with some frequency about people who advocate redesign of our health care system without suggesting what the redesigned system should look like.

So it was with more than a little pleasure that I learned about David Drake’s new book titled Mandate for 21st Century America and subtitled Universal Health Insurance.

David might appreciate my pointing out that Universal Health Insurance is not synonymous with national health insurance.

David and I have had our debates about his suggestions, but I will testify that they are coherent and carefully thought through. As his title suggests, he focuses mainly on the financing system but his proposals have clear implications for the delivery system, as well.

The book is a fairly short read (172 pages including bibliography and appendices) and is available from Amazon.com (I checked to be sure).

Veteran toilers in the vineyards of health care will remember David for his 25 years with the American Hospital Association, retiring some years ago from the position of Senior Vice President and Secretary-Treasurer.

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