Sunday, March 11, 2007

Thoughts from McNulty

Tom McNulty, friend, erstwhile colleague, and retired CFO of Henry Ford Health System in Detroit has been reading these postings and has some thoughts to share:

The answer to the health care crisis in the United States does not exist.

The major issue is simply demand vs. who should pay for it.

The path to the solution has to start with the realization that the possible answers cannot be solved with bureaucratic process. A majority of our confusion is centered in the 30 percent of the cost of the programs being vested in the administrative and federally mandated regulated requirements.

Creating a simple process, such as vouchers (first suggested by the Brooking institute during the Carter administration and managed by professional non-governmental agencies) might have some appeal.

We continue to create legacy annuities for consultants, administrators and professional bureaucrats.

Maybe the answer is being simple and let the forces of the need select the direction.

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