Thursday, March 08, 2007


Ed Ablard is on my blog list because of a conversation during coffee hour at my church. He has some questions:

My stepmother (87) recently renewed her membership in National Committee to Preserve etc. Their recent push is to close the hole in the prescription doughnut, to make Medicare the price arbiter of drugs and set the price, and make Medicare a provider along with insurers. Can you spark some dialogue from your readers about these items?

Second, I am starting a study of best practices for screening school age kids. Would you encourage your readers to find out what the local schools are doing about making sure kids can see in school and get glasses as needed around their neighborhoods and post a reply?

The Academy of Opthalmology guidelines are silent after about 5 yrs. What is the standard for screening equipment? Still the eyechart or some electronic gizmo like Titmus or other?

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