Sunday, July 02, 2006

Whipkey on Operating ERs Properly

Regular reader and contributor Neil Whipkey, Florida hospital CEO, has the following to say in response to the posting Time to Get Over It.

I may respond to his invitation to comment. Others are encouraged to do so, as well.

".....time to get over it and operate their ERs properly." Properly?
Very interesting choice of words. How might we operate our ERs properly? Let me make some guesses:

· Reduce wait time to 10 minutes?

· Staff with only Board Certified physicians?

· Provide life flight helicopters service for speedy transfer to major facilities?

· Provide only 16 slice, and above, CT scanners and same quality equipment for other services?

· Staff with only ACLS trained and Bachelor level trained RNs?

· Reduce charges to zero since charges are meaningless and we collect nearly zero anyhow?

· Provide Starbucks to go, upon prompt discharge?

Ok, I'm being somewhat facetious, but only somewhat. I believe our obligations are to:

· Provide as prompt as service as possible.

· Provide the highest quality level of care possible within the context of our abilities with regard to staffing and equipment.

· Treat all comers with respect, regardless of any ability to pay or the number of times they frequent our facility.

· Provide an environment that is safe and friendly for patients, visitors, and staff.

Rather simplistic, right? Still, I would like to hear what you, and your readers, think is "Proper(ly)"?

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