Thursday, June 29, 2006

Another Slant on Healthy Brits

In response to the posting The Hazards of Comparison, long-time friend from Kentucky days Betty Jean Hisle reports still another slant on why Brits seem to be healthier than Americans:

Bruce K. Johnson, a former contributing columnist to The Lexington Herald and now professor of economics at Centre College, recently referenced Paul Krugman's NY Times commentary of May 14.

Johnson’s thesis is that contrary to popular opinion, the British are much healthier than we in the US not because they have universal health
insurance, but because they walk so much more than most Americans.

He bases his opinion on the fact that he loses 10 or 12 pounds each time he directs a student program in London. He points out that Londoners make 1/3 of their journeys around London on foot.

Betty Jean says that she intends to share Johnson’s column with two granddaughters who will go with her to London for two weeks in late August when they complain of too much walking.

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