Friday, March 10, 2006

Have the For-Profits Fled New Orleans?

Erstwhile colleague and now retired hospital administrator Peter Geilich poses a question about for-profit hospitals and New Orleans.

I was recently in New Orleans giving an expert witness (You can fool . . .) deposition. I toured much of the city. It is as bad as or worse than you can imagine - I almost came to tears - seriously. I got the impression that the non-profit hospitals are hanging in there with what staff they have left and assisting with recovery efforts (via clinics and the like). The implication was that the for-profits (including Tenet who was the 'target' of the plaintiff attorney I was assisting) have closed up. Again, the implication is that when things get tough (read: not profitable) they flee. I wonder if this is so and would like to hear what more knowledgeable folks than I might have to say on this matter.

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