Tuesday, January 24, 2006

A Request

The below is a request from Dan Ford - healthcare executive head-hunter, fellow alumnus and long time colleague - whose personal life has been greatly affected by the issue of medical safety.

1) I would be interested in hearing about hospitals that involve the patient/family in Root Cause Analysis of sentinel events. I am a member of the Quality Committee of the Board of Directors of Carondelet Health Network in Tucson, AZ. CHN is a three hospital, faith-based system, and a member of Ascension Health in St. Louis. I asked the question at the November meeting and was asked to give a presentation at the December meeting. We are now exploring this, including research across the country. The answer so far is not many.

For a variety of positive reasons, the patient and/or family member should be in the room. Denying this participation is wrong and offensive from a human standpoint and short-sighted. We can learn from each other. I understand the reticence and barriers, including tradition, change, legal considerations, role behaviors, egos and other human behavior. We have many fears and need to learn to communicate.....even if awkward and hurtful and even if Legal Counsel suggests differently. Am willing to share my power point presentation, and would be interested in ideas from my blog colleagues....to dford@furstgroup.com and/or through Dick's blog.

2) Am giving a talk in Geneva, Switzerland in May on the role of patients in their own safety. Ideas are invited and appreciated about this as well.....30,000 foot ideas as well as ground level. The audience will be 250 CEO's of members of the World Health Professions Alliance. WHPA is comprised of physician, nurse, pharmacist and dental associations/professional societies.

Thank you!

We are all consumers.

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