Wednesday, November 16, 2005

More on Evidence Based Medicine

The below comes in from long-time friend and clinical psychologist Gail Price in response to the posting on Evidence Based Medicine. As you will see, she is not encouraged by the direction health care is taking.

Excellent discussion of evidence-based medicine.

A major problem would seem to be the same as with "evidence based psychotherapy." Evidence means measure in this model (as I understand it). In fact, evidence in human response to medical and social psychological care is not measurable, but a manifestation of a combination of immeasurable factors like one's spirit--it is very difficult to measure the healing of a depressed or frightened spirit.

As the health care system increases the number of chronically ill children and adults because of its chronically inadequate care, the ability of individuals to engage in the innovative discoveries and the creative persistent diligent work will decline as our education system has declined. It takes healthy people with healthy bodies and spirits to build and maintain a healthy nation.

All forms of health care are best delivered by independent practitioners. The HMO's have cost enormous amounts of money that the independent system did not. It is unlikely that more than ten percent of independent practitioners acted in a way that undermined the integrity of the system. Now, the fears of physicians and practitioners voiced when this new system came into power have come true. We are being paid to harm and kill patients, not to heal them.

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