Sunday, April 10, 2005

More on HSA’s

Responding to the 3-25-05 posting titled “What Is It About HSA’s That I Don’t Understand?” Kevin Flynn has this to say:

“The way I always understood HSA's is that it is not about getting the best price. It is about the patient having to decide if he/she really wants to spend his/her own money for the care. It is a natural anti-selection process because if the patient will not pay the first $1,000, then the patient will not seek additional care that costs more money. In the end, utilization of health care resources will lessen and insurance payouts will decrease.”

(Kevin is founder and President of Health Care Advocates, which describes itself as the “auto club of health care.” For more information, see www.healthcareadvocates.com.)

In other words, the intent is to reduce utilization, not to put economic pressure on providers to reduce cost.

Are there other thoughts?

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