Thursday, April 28, 2005

Credit Where Credit is Due

Peter Bosomworth, friend, long-ago colleague, retired Chancellor of the University of Kentucky Medical Center and an anesthesiologist by training reminds me of the good work that the American Society of Anesthesiologist has done with safety in patient care. In his words: “They have published an article in the anesthesia newsletter every month focused on improving safety. When I started doing anesthesia the death rate from anesthesia was 1 in 20000 patients. Today it is 1 in 50000. The newsletter had a lot to do with this. They set safety standards which eventually became accreditation requirements. The ASA has a committee that constantly works on this. One of the standards was the required use of comprehensive monitoring system technology. Its presence has reduced insurance costs, deaths and other misadventures.”

In all of our carrying on about the problem of safety in patient care, we should never overlook the people who are working every day on doing something about it.

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