Tuesday, August 31, 2004

An Upcoming Book

The following was received as part of a longer message from Paul Hoffman just as I was departing for the August trip abroad. The “two days ago” that he refers to would have been August 5.

Lets all pitch in and help prevent the thud he is anticipating.

Two days ago, Dick Davidson submitted a splendid foreword for the book on mistakes in healthcare management that I have co-edited with Frankie Perry. I have also been gratified by testimonials provided on the draft manuscript by Duane Dauner, Tom Dolan, Leo Greenawalt, Pat Hays, Gary Mecklenburg, Dennis O'Leary, and Gail Warden. Despite their appraisals, I am still anticipating that the book, now scheduled for publication by Cambridge University Press in November or December, will land with a resounding thud.

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